How Woven Rugs Are Made

January 24, 2017

How Woven Rugs Are Made


If you have ever wondered How Woven Rugs are Made and why authentic hand woven rugs can cost more than machine, factory made rugs just watch this video. Learning about the art of rug making may just help you appreciate the passion involved.

The video is courtesy of CLC / PurelyPersian

A Journey to the Persian Carpet Making / Fall 2014


A Jouney to the Persian Carpet Making / fall 2014 from CLC / PurelyPersian on Vimeo.

Some challenges when making a rug:

  1. Creating a stencil or intricate design
  2. Choosing the colors of the wool yarns
  3. Deciding the knot count, knots per square inch
  4. Finishing processes, like antiquing

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One Carpet at a Time!

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