How To Remove Crusty Slime From Carpeting

December 23, 2017

How To Remove Crusty Slime From Carpeting



How To Remove Crusty Slime From Carpeting


As the photo above shows children’s slime left overnight can be a difficult problem. Once you watch the video we are sure you will be able to safely remove the spill. Always remember to go slowly and do not aggressively brush or scour the carpet. Removing Crusty Slime from Carpeting isn’t always a major concern.




This video will help you safely remove Crusty Slime from your carpeting. Crusty slime that has been sitting for some time is more difficult to remove than “fresh” slime. If you take the time to do it right complete removal is possible on wet cleanable carpeting. *shop vac up lose pieces first *apply Woolite detergent as show and agitate with a gentle brush *spray with 1:1 water-white vinegar solution *wet vac up soapy residue *repeat as necessary *spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide for any staining.

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