Cleaning Silk Fabric

March 24, 2017

Cleaning Silk Fabric


The pictures below show some “Before” and “After” photos of the cleaning results of a soiled Silk Upholstered Wall panel in a Boston area home. The multiple spots are an ointment “spill” and the area around the light switch is body/hand oils from years of contact. When attempting to clean something like upholstered wall panels it is very important to test the cleaning detergents and method of cleaning in a hidden area prior to “attacking” the soil. Our customer gave us permission to move a piece of furniture to access a “test site”. Once we determined that our cleaning would not change the fabric we proceeded to clean the spots. It should be remembered that cleaning in a “test site” does not guarantee that the soils with be removed, it only shows that it is likely that the cleaning won’t make the situation worse.



The two photos below show the spots/soiling prior to cleaning:

Cleaning Silk FabricCleaning Silk Fabric


The two photos below show the results of a successful cleaning!

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Cleaning Silk FabricCleaning Silk Fabric



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