How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning

We want to make sure our visit is as pleasant as possible:

If you have additional concerns you may want to view our FAQ PAGE or call us at 781-995-0683 or

Residential Customers:

Please follow these few simple steps will insure that you receive the highest quality workmanship with the least possible distruption to you and your family.

  • Pets-we love pets too, but it is always best if you are able to put them in an area of your home where our work won’t disturb them.
  • Small breakable items-Small lamps, china, picture frames etc should be moved into a room or area that we will not be cleaning prior to our arrival
  • Children’s toys and games should be put away in a safe place
  • Safety: Transition areas (where carpet meets hard floor surfaces) can be slippery. Limit walking until drying is complete.
  • Please restrict heavy walk-traffic on recently cleaned carpeting-damp carpet can re-soil

Commercial Customers:

A few simple steps for when we visit your commercial space:


  • Emergency Contact: Do we have an contact number to call in case of an emergency? More than one may be necessary
  • Personnel: Have you notified your employees that we’ll be at your location (day/times) and that our work may interfere with their duties?
  • Keys & Codes: Have you verified that the keys and alarm codes (if applicable) are correct?
  • Neighbors: If you occupy a multi-tenant building will our work interfere with them?
  • Security: Do we need to contact any agency or third party to gain access upon arrival and check-out upon completion?

Thank You-We Look Forward To Serving You

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