Cleaning Services

Listed are the services we provide to our Boston Area carpet and upholstery cleaning customers. We are always ready to prove to you we are your first choice for professional cleaning services. Please contact us with any questions-we welcome your input!

 Below are some of the reasons customers call us

  • REASON 1 Cost
  • REASON 2 Comfort
  • REASON 3 Appearance
  • REASON 4 Maintenance

The first three may appear in no particular order of importance. However, maintenance always seems to be last on the list. Seldom considered by our Boston area residential and commercial clients until we are called to the home or office for “specialty spotting.” This could be for a wine spill, toner cartridge accident or possibly for pet urine and odor treatment. A major investment has been made in your home or office carpet, upholstery and window treatments for the look and feel that suits your lifestyle and will impress your clients. Soils are abrasive and can actually damage fibers causing accelerated wear. Problems may arise that even the most highly trained technician can not rectify. Normal cleaning should be performed every 12-24 months depending on location, use and exposure to soils. Most fine fabrics and oriental rugs can be restored to a fresh, clean appearance. Manufacturers recommend and many require periodic cleaning as a warranty requirement. Deep down professional cleaning removes dirt, dust and other allergens which could eventually lead to health concerns. The age and condition along with types and amount of soils present are important factors. Remember, without proper maintenance – the appearance will be gone, the comfort will be lost and the cost to replace will be a whole lot higher!


Cleaning Services

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